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NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR (January 4, 2017):

Hi, Readers!

It's a brand new year, and I have so many books planned. My new scifi series, Cy-Con, kicked off in December with Rescued by the Cyborg. Book two should be wrapped up later this month. It's supposed to release in March, but I don't have a date yet. I'm sure one will be assigned once it's in my editor's hands. There will also be more Intergalactic Brides books, starting with Jennifer and the Alien Badass, which releases on the Changeling Press site tomorrow and everywhere else a week later. The Brides series should have another release in April if all goes well. I'm afraid February will not have any scifi releases. December was a rough month, between being sick for three weeks and my kids being home on break (they're still home), so I didn't get much writing time.

If you're willing to give some non-scifi books a try, I have some other pen names with releases in 2018. I have a contemporary series releasing under Paige Warren called Blossom Creek. The first book, Valentina's Miracle, is about a down on her luck single mom and it will release in just a few weeks. I've also resurrected my Harley Wylde pen name for a new series called Dixie Reapers MC. Now, I know MC books aren't for everyone, but mine aren't going to be as hardcore as some of the ones out there. I will admit that Harley's books tend to be more erotic than what I usually write (Paige's are more erotic than my scifi books too), so if the hotter the better isn't for you, you'll probably want to give them a pass.

Assuming everything goes according to plan for 2018, with the exception of February, I should have a scifi release and then a release under one of my pen names each month with Changeling Press. If time permits, I'd also love to write either a mainstream adult romance or a young adult romance (as Charity West) before the end of the year. So, I have lots of writing plans and hope to get many new books to you this year. If you'd like to know when I have a new Jessica Coulter Smith or Harley Wylde release, you can click the newsletter link at the top of the page. For Paige Warren new releases, please sign up here

I hope 2018 brings you many wonderful things! 










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